Spend Your Prize Money

When you have won some money, you can spend it on items in various ways.


RIJ Golf Ebay Shop

Click on the logo above to be taken to Rob's Ebay shop, If you would like to spend your winnings on any of the items listed, make a note of them and Email Rob with your shopping list. Rob will either post your choices to your home address or give them to you at your next event.


Brand Fusion International

Click on the logo to go to their website, Robert has an account with this company, so browse through and see if there is anything you would like to spend your money on. Again make a note of it and email your choices to Rob, he will get you the up to date prices, and order if required.


Srixon Sports Europe Ltd

Same as before, click on the logo, and have a browse around the site, if there is anything you want, please email Rob for a price and to order.



You can spend you prize money on logo'd or non logo'd clothing from ProQuip, just click on the logo to go the the correct page with the full brochure and price list.



Anything else you would prefer

You can now spend your winnings Vouchers at any Pro's Shop of your choice, all you have to do is get the Professional to send me his bank details with an invoice and I will transfer the money to him.