Winter Series Results - North Manchester GC - 18th December

Winter Series Results - North Manchester GC - 18th December

11 Jan 2018

This week's Winter Series event was played at North Manchester GC. Foggy and frosty conditions made for an interesting and tough day from a scoring point of view, however there were still some great scores considering.

Here are the results:

North West Amateur Seniors Tour Results

Winter Series Results

North Manchester GC 18th December 2017


1st Prize - £30.00 each        G. Smith, G. Conroy, R. Jolley, R. Blackwell           87pts


2nd Prize - £20.00 each       S. Austin, A. Jones, N. Hallows, P. Kinder               86pts


3rd Prize - £10.00 each       M. Wilson, R. Gardner, B. McKee, J. Hall                   82pts


Nearest the Pin on 9th - £7.50                         G. Conroy

Nearest the Pin on 11th- £7.50                         D. Moore

Nearest the Pin on 18th - £7.50                        G. Eckersall

Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 12th- £7.50       S. Dawson

Longest Drive on 14th - £7.50                          G. Conroy


G. Smith, R. Jolley                                      87pts
G. Conroy, R. Blackwell

S. Austin, A. Jones                                     86pts
N.Hallows, P. Kinder

M. Wilson, R. Gardner,                               82pts
B. McKee, J. Hall

F. Massey, S. Massey                                 81pts
S. Bailey, G. Burgess

S. Lavers, D. Moore                                    78pts
G. Sherburn, J. Royle

A. Leigh, J. O’Reilly                                    78pts
J. Driscoll, S. Dawson

J. Lowden, P. Rudkin,                                 76pts
P. Forest, T. Turner

K. Heap, J. Dobson                                     76pts
D. Harrison, J. Brown

K. Boothroyd, M. Ryan                                76pts
J. Fielding, P. Birmingham

G. Eckersdall, W. Stanley                            75pts
A. Bates, P. Cooper

R. Moores, E. Smith,                                    73pts
S. Clarkson, P. Stanley

B. Snape, L. Bowland                                  72pts
A. Waddington, G. Cottom

T. Ellis, F. Preistley,                                      70pts
B. Salmon, D. Howarth

P. Harrison, C. Wood                                   70pts
J. McManus, J. Brame

M. Hughes, O. Keenan                                70pts
T. Bickerdike, C. Gleave

S. Heyworth, A. Thomson                           69pts
J. Clarke, S. Gordon

J. Curwen, J. Beazley,                                  39pts (Retired)
D. Joyce, K. Hughes