Winter Series Event at Whitefield GC     20/1/20

Winter Series Event at Whitefield GC 20/1/20

Today's event was played at Whitefield Golf Club. It was the first time the Tour had played there. Everyone seemed to enjoy the course, but struggled a bit as there are some long par 4's and Par 3's, with no run, as it is still wet after all the shocking weather recently, I think it will be a different story when we come back in August.

There are 5 really good Par 3's at Whitefield, so I thought it might be a good idea to make the format 2 to score on par 4's & 5's and all to score on par 3's, this back fired a bit really as it really slowed up the game. There was a couple of particularly slow groups who compounded the problem too unfortunately. Scoring was tough and showed in the scores.

Here are the results:

Whitefield GC January 20th 2020

1st Prize - £30.00 each

M. Wilson (10), R. Gardner (10),                                        93pts

B. McKee (15), G. Cox (15)


2nd Prize - £20.00 each

K. Hughes (9), G. Burr (11)                                                  91pts

J. Curwen (14) D. Joyce (14)


3rd Prize - £10.00 each

K. Turner (12), H. Jewkes (21)                                            89pts

B. Sinclair (12), F. Parkes (13)





Nearest the Pin on 3rd– Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                                 K. Hughes

Nearest the Pin on 5th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                                M. Gorrill

Nearest the Pin on 9th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                                 D. Bowen

Nearest the Pin on 11th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                               P. Fell

Nearest the Pin on 17th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                               H. Jewkes g

Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 7th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars              B. Salmon

Longest Drive on 15th – Sleeve of Srixon Z- Stars                                 P. Fell        





M. Wilson, R. Gardner                                                    93pts

B. McKee, G. Cox


K. Hughes, G. Burr                                                            91pts

J. Curwen, D. Joyce


K. Turner, H. Jewkes                                                        89pts

B. Sinclair, F. Parks


P. Nicholson, K. Marden                                                88pts

I. Bond, J. Howard


S. Sherborne, M. Price                                                    87pts

C. Sherborne, D. Duerden


N. Ashton, M. Lowe                                                         86pts

J. Williams, P. Fell


T. Ellis, M. Milner                                                             86pts

P. Peet, G. Hamilton


J. Clarke, S. Heyworth                                                     85pts

C. Edmundson, J. Finn


T. Bickerdike, M. Hughes,                                              84pts

O. Keenan, K. Riley


N. Haslam, G. Greenhalgh                                             82pts

D. Welborne, P. Yip


G. Davies, P. Main                                                            82pts

K. Fitzhenry, R. Standring


D. Howarth, D. Aspinall                                                  82pts

D. Berry, B. Salmon


R. Jolley, S. Austin                                                            81pts

G. Smith, A. Jones


A. Dean, S. Walker                                                           79pts

M. Bickett, K. Patterson


M. Birtwistle, R. Maycock                                             79pts

G. Cottam, D. Bowen


T. Tresadern, K. Halton                                                   78pts

D. Parrock, A. Hewis