Winter Series Event at Turton GC    24/1/22

Winter Series Event at Turton GC 24/1/22

25 Jan 2022

Todays event was played at Turton Golf Club, above Bolton, it was a very cold day, but dry, the course was dry and the greens in great condition for the time of year. Unfortunately the clubhouse was being redeveloped , so we were in a makeshift shelter on the side of the locker rooms, which was freezing. On the plus side, the bacon butties and brews were great and the service was excellent with the resources they had.

We played a Texas Scramble again and as usual the scoring was good, with eight scores in the fifties.

Here are the results:

Turton GC 24/1/22

1st Prize - £30.00 each

D. Dunlop (18.1), A. Heller (12.2)                            58.14

T. Stirrup (15.1), W. Mellor (10.4)


2nd Prize - £20.00 each

P. Molyneux (10.5), V. Lloyd                                     58.3

C. Titherington, K. Patterson


3rd Prize - £10.00 each

S. Austin (21.8), G. Smith (10.1)                               58.86

R. Jolley (16.9), J. Hilton (16.0)



Nearest the Pin on 2nd – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                    G. Davies

Nearest the Pin on 4th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                      J. Howard

Nearest the Pin on 10th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                   R. Tennant

Nearest the Pin on 15th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                    Alan Brown

Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 6th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars    D. Earl

Longest Drive on 14th – Sleeve of Srixon Z- Stars                        P. Fell



D. Dunlop, A. Heller                                               58.14

T. Stirrup, W. Mellor


P. Molyneux, V. Lloyd                                            58.3

C. Titherington, K. Patterson


S. Austin, G. Smith                                                  58.86

R. Jolley, J. Hilton


C. Fearn, D. Earl                                                       58.9

C. Mugan, T. Bickerdike


K. Crompton, M. Milner                                       59.3

J. Kilburn, M. Greenhalgh


D. Joyce, J. Curwen                                                 59.5

J. Devine, K. Hughes


D. Parrock, N. Rodda                                             59.5

J. Doyle, H. Moorby


T. Tresaden, A. Hewis                                            59.75

K. Halton


C. Bryan, N. Ashton                                                60

M. Lowe, P. Fell


P. Harvey, B. Wilkinson                                        60

I. Chester, S. Wilkinson


M. McKay, S. Walker                                             60.1

D. Stirrup, R. Tennent


B. Eccles, S. Mortimer                                           60.2

R. Bedford, J. Riley


J. Conroy, I. Bond                                                    60.8

J. Howard, P. Carney


M. Bickett, M. Liptrot                                            60.9

P. Woods, A. Dean


D. Howarth, D. Aspinall                                        61.3

P. Brimelow, P. Heyes


G. Davies, D. Westwood                                       61.6

G. Aldrid, G. Davies


K. Jones, T. Hereford                                             61.7

I. Robinson, R. Morrell


D. Griffith, J. Whittaker                                        62.1

R. Kenny, R. Standring


J. Bowers, D. Bowers                                             62.15

G. Baker


S. Graham, A. Brown                                             63.1

D. Ford, T. Ellis


Ade Brown, K. Graham                                         64.2

A. Posselthwaite


D. Heywood, J. Dennis                                          64.4

M. Ashby, D. Bullock