Winter Series Event at Towneley GC   26/2/18

Winter Series Event at Towneley GC 26/2/18

26 Feb 2018

Today's event was played at Towneley Golf Club in Burnley, on a freezing cold day, the beast from the east was evil!!

It was our first visit to the club, and the general opinion was very positive. Scoring was difficult for most as the greens were a bit inconsistant on how frosty they were, well played all those over 80 points.

Here are the results:


Towneley GC 26/2/ 2018


1st Prize - £30.00 each

P. Egan, M. Leyland, R. Disley, I. Taylor                                      85pts

2nd Prize - £20.00 each

J. Lowden, D. Woolley, P. Rudkin, J. Drabble                             82pts

3rd Prize - £10.00 each

K. Boothroyd, J. Fielding, M. Ryan, P. Birmingham                  82pts




Nearest the Pin on 2nd - £7.50                           M. Liptrot               

Nearest the Pin on 6th- £7.50                             B. Dill

Nearest the Pin on 16th - £7.50                           I. Compton

Nearest the Pin on 17th - £7.50                           K. Patterson

Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 18th- £7.50          I. Taylor

Longest Drive on 9th - £7.50                                 B. Hampson



P. Egan, M. Leyland                                    85pts

R. Disley, I. Taylor


J. Lowden, P. Rudkin                                  82pts

D. Woolley, J. Drabble


K. Boothroyd, J. Fielding                           82pts

M. Ryan, P. Birmingham


J. Buchanan, J.Kelly                                    82pts

P.S. Jackson, H. Clarke


J. Clarke, A. Thomson                                 81pts

S. Heyworth, T. Bamford


R. Galawan, P. Fitzpatrick                          80pts

S.Pickup, L. Pickles


M. Wilson, R. Gardner                                79pts

B. McKee, G. Brocklehurst


R. Hutchinson, B. Dill                                   79pts

G. Fairclough, I. Compton


J. Sinclair, K.Hughes                                     78pts

J. Beazley, D. Joyce


S. Pickett, O. Keenan                                   76pts

C. Mugan, T. Mugan


T. Ellis, B. Salmon                                         75pts     

D. Howarth, G. Hamilton


G. Sherburn, D. Moore                               75pts

C. Leonard, S. Thomas


J. Dobson, J. Brown                                     74pts

D. Harrison, K. Heap


J. Brame, C. Wood                                        74pts

B. Hampson, M. Chappell


J. Hilton, S. Austin                                        74pts



K. Marden, S. Rigby                                     70pts

P. Nicholson, J. Howorth


C. Rice, K. Halton                                          70pts

A. Tresadern, G. Whitehead


M. Liptrot, K. Patterson                               67pts

A. Dean



J. Hogan, L. Borland,                                    66pts

M. Birtwistle


J. Deary, M. Whyatt                                      66pts

M. Woodward, D. Leatham


A. Bates, P. Cooper                                        66pts

G. Eckersall, W. Stanley