Winter Series Event at Swinton Park GC   26/3/18

Winter Series Event at Swinton Park GC 26/3/18

Today's event was played at Swinton Park Golf Club, it was the last event of the Winter Series. For once the weather was kind, it felt quite spring like!  Unfortunately the green had been Hollow tyned and dressed, but were very uneven, the main comment as people returned their cards, but sadly couldn't be helped.

Local knowledge was obviously a help as the winners were home players, but some other great scores came in too, here are the results:


Swinton Park GC 26/3/ 2018


1st Prize - £30.00 each

A. Leigh, J. O’Reilly, L. Culf, D. Marsh                                 89pts


2nd Prize - £20.00 each

D. Moore, C. Leonard, G. Sherburn, S. Thomas                88pts


3rd Prize - £10.00 each

J. Clarke, A. Thomson, S. Gordon, S. Heyworth                87pts


Nearest the Pin on 3rd - £7.50                          J. O’Reilly                                                    

Nearest the Pin on 8th- £7.50                          G. Fairclough                                             

Nearest the Pin on 13th - £7.50                        S. Gordon

Nearest the Pin on 17th - £7.50                        R. Hutchinson

Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 10th- £7.50      R. Jolley

Longest Drive on 18th - £7.50                           M. Chappell



A. Leigh, J. O’Reilly                                          89pts

L. Culf, D. Marsh


D. Moore, G. Sherburn                                   88pts

C. Leonard, S. Thomas


J. Clarke, A. Thomson                                     87pts

S. Heyworth, S. Gordon


F. Massey, S. Massey                                      83pts

G. Burgess, D. Ellison


J. Hilton, R. Jolley                                            82pts

S. Bullock, G. Smith


C. Mugan, J. Starr                                            82pts

O. Keenan, T. Bickerdike


J. Daly, B. Sinclair,                                            82pts

E. Newton, R. Haynes


J. Lowden, T. Cook                                           82pts

P. Rudkin, J. Drabble


J. Curwen, J. Sinclair                                        81pts

K. Hughes, J. Beazley


S. Walker, K. Patterson                                   81pts

M. Liptrot, A. Dean


J. Hunt, J. Bowers                                            80pts

V. Marcroft, A. Hewis


B. Ratcliffe, B. Hampson                                76pts

T. Barnes, M. Chappell


B. Dill, G. Fairclough                                       74pts

R. Hutchinson, J. McIntyre


P. Harrison, C. Wood                                      73pts

J. McManus, J. Brame


K. Marden, J. Bennett                                   73pts

P. Nicholson, S. Rigby


P. Cooper, W. Stanley                                   72pts

A. Bates, G. Eckersall


J. Hall, R. Gardner                                       71pts

M. Wilson, B. McKee


L. Borland, B. Snape                                   70pts

J. Hogan, G. Cottom



M. Leyland, P. Egan,                                  68pts

S. Greenhalgh, R. Disley


J. Fielding, L. Moss                                     66pts

M. Ryan