Winter Series Event at Longridge GC      9/3/20

Winter Series Event at Longridge GC 9/3/20

Today's event should have been played at Penwortham Golf Club, but unfortunately due all the recent rain they could only manage 15 holes, so I decided to move venues to a drier course. After a ring round, I managed to secure Longridge Golf Club, the Tour hadn't played there before, so nice to play somewhere different.

The course was pretty dry, considering the overnight rain. There was quite a stiff breeze, and got a bit wet for the last few groups, which made scoring tough. Home players managed to come out on top unsurprisingly, with what seemed to be a great score of 86 points with only 2 scores to count, compared with the majority of the other scores.

Well played to all the winners, here are the results.

Longridge GC March 9th 2020

1st Prize - £30.00 each

S. Scott (22), T. Jones(26)                                                    86pts

B. Strickland (13), B. Palmer (17)


2nd Prize - £20.00 each

K. Jones (16), T. Hereford (14)                                           82pts

C. Vose (14), S. Green (12)


3rd Prize - £10.00 each

M. Liptrot (15), S. Walker (7)                                              80pts

K. Patterson (11), T. Bennett(13)


Nearest the Pin on 5th– Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                                 J. Doyle

Nearest the Pin on 8th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                                K. Patterson

Nearest the Pin on 121h – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                              C. Vose g     

Nearest the Pin on 13th = Sleeve of Srixon Z- Stars                              T. Bennett

Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 18th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars            No One

Longest Drive on 3rd – Sleeve of Srixon Z- Stars                                   B. Palmer  





S. Scott, T. Jones                                                                86pts

B. Strickland, B. Palmer


K. Jones, T. Hereford                                                       82pts

C. Vose, S. Green


M. Liptrot, S. Walker                                                       80pts

K. Patterson, T. Bennett


D. Bowen, G. Cottam                                                       80pts

B. Snape, D. Mitton


C. Edmundson, A. Thomson                                          78pts

J. Finn, S. Heyworth


H. Jewkes, E. Rimmer                                                     78pts

B. Sinclair, K. Turner


C. Rice, A. Tresadern                                                       76pts

K. Halton, A. Hewis


T. Ellis, B. Salmon                                                             75pts

D. Berry, C. Goodall


D. Joyce, G. Burr                                                                73pts

J. Curwen, V. Handforth


J. Whitehurst, D. Parrock                                              73pts

J. Doyle, R. Wharburton


S. Dearden, P. Schofield                                                 73pts

S. Graham, K. Billett


G. Lucas, R. Standring                                                     73pts

P. Main, G. Davies  


P. Neville, J. Dennis                                                          71pts

D. Heywood, M. Ashby


A. Dean, P. Molyneux                                                     71pts

W. Wright, M. Bickett


D. Howarth, P. Peet                                                         70pts

M. Milner, G. Hamilton


I. Chester, A. McCourty                                                   55pts

P. Harvey