Winter Series Event at Burnley GC   20/12/21

Winter Series Event at Burnley GC 20/12/21

21 Dec 2021

Todays fixture was played at Burnley Golf Club, which is the first time the Tour has been there. The weather was fresh but dry, so a good day was had. We had a lot of complements on the course, and the bacon butties, but they were a quid dearer chaps, so Happy Christmas again another little thank you.

We had a little competition for the best Christmas Jumper/outfit, there was some great examples this year and judging was close, but the one that made me chuckle the most was Dave Howarth from Walmersley, well done Dave.

We played another new format today, best two scores on par 4's & 5's and All to score on Par 3's, this seemed to go down ok, and we had some good scores, with 103, 101 and 101 in the prizes, well played.

Thanks again for all your support over 2021, I hope you all have a very Happy Chistmas, without any lockdowns etc, stay safe, and I will see you in January at Turton GC.

Here are Today's results:

Burnley GC December 20th 2021

1st Prize - £30.00 each

K. Jones (21.4), I. Robinson (14.9)                                     103pts

T. Hereford (13.6), C. Vose (16.7)


2nd Prize - £20.00 each

A. Dean (11.3), P. Molyneux (10.5)                                   101pts

P. Woods (6), K. Patterson (14.5)


3rd Prize - £10.00 each

D. Heywood (14.3), P. Neville (25.2)                                 101pts

J. Dennis (25.2), D. Heywood (Par 3’s)


Nearest the Pin on 2nd – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                                   A. Heller

Nearest the Pin on 7th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                                     D. Heywood

Nearest the Pin on 11th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                                   S. Briggs g

Nearest the Pin on 14th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                                   C. Vose

Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 18th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                P. Woods g

Longest Drive on 15th – Sleeve of Srixon Z- Stars                                     K. White g  



K. Jones, T. Hereford                                             103pts

C. Vose, I. Robinson


A. Dean, P. Molyneux                                            101pts

P. Woods, K. Patterson


D. Heywood, P. Neville                                         101pts

J. Dennis, D. Heywood (PAR 3’S)


A. Heller, W. Mellor                                               98pts

D. Dunlop, S. Madill


K. Fitzhenry, B. Henshaw                                     98pts

G. Davies, G. Aldrid


Ade Brown, D. Hest                                                97pts

S. Ireland, K. Graham


K. Halton, T. Tresadern                                         97pts

A. Hewis, C. Rice


A. Dean, P. Molyneux                                            97pts

P. Woods, K. Patterson


D. Howarth, M. Milner                                          96pts

T. Ellis, M. Greenhalgh


A. Foulds, P. Marsden                                           96pts

J. Nutter, P. Hanson


B. Eccles, J. Riley                                                      94pts

S. Mortimer, R. Bedford


J. Doyle, R. Warburton                                          94pts

D. Parrock, N. Rodda


I. Fearns, C. Bryan                                                   94pts

P. Fell, M. Lowe


D. Bowen, D. Murphy                                            93pts

B. Snape, S. Briggs


D. Aspinall, B. Salmon                                           91pts

A. Brown, J. Kilburn


S. Brown, J. Bowers                                                90pts

J. Whitehurst, P. Bloomfield


J. Curwen, D. Joyce                                                 88pts

K. Hughes, J. Devine


R. Tennant, K. White                                              87pts

D. Stippup, D. Jenkins


S. Hoyle, R. Lewis                                                    86pts

J. Bretherton, T. Stirrup


P. Main, R. Standring                                             82pts

D. Griffith, J. Whittaker


M. Hughes, T. Bickerdike                                     72pts

O. Keenan, M. Hughes (Par 3’s)