Winter Series Event at Accrington GC   13/1/20

Winter Series Event at Accrington GC 13/1/20

Today's event was played at Accrington Golf Club, the course was wet after another bad weekend, but open luckily.

With the threat of Storm Brendan looming, we tried to get everyone out a bit earlier. The wind was strong and made scoring tough, and with no run at all, made it play long too.

Considering the conditions, scoring was good with an 87 and two 85's in second and third, so well played to the winners.

Well it was definitely the 13th for me, with all the messing around with tee times, no one realised to bring the markers in, so I had to walk out in normal shoes and no waterproof bottoms, to bring them in, thanks guys !!, well I suppose it was my own fault, I was drenched!!

Here are the results:

Accrington GC January 13th 2020

1st Prize - £30.00 each

A. Dean (12), K. Patterson (13)                                          87pts

T. Bennett (15), M. Bickett (17)


2nd Prize - £20.00 each

I. Chester (16), S. Wilkinson (19)                                        85pts

G. Stewart (20), D. Hope (14)


3rd Prize - £10.00 each

B. Salmon (14), M. Milner (17)                                           85pts

D. Berry (18), C. Goodall (22)




Nearest the Pin on 1st– Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                                  J. Hilton

Nearest the Pin on 4th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                                G. Smith

Nearest the Pin on 12th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                              C. Mugan

Nearest the Pin on 14th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars                               J. Howard

Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 18th – Sleeve of Srixon Z-Stars           K. Hughes

Longest Drive on 6th – Sleeve of Srixon Z- Stars                                   T. Tresadern




A. Dean, K. Patterson                                            87pts

T. Bennett, M. Bickett


I. Chester, S. Wilkinson                                         85pts

G. Stewart, D. Hope


B. Salmon, M. Miller                                              85pts

D. Berry, C. Goodall


J. Sinclair, K. Hughes                                              84pts

J. Curwen, D. Joyce


T. Hereford, C. Vose                                               83pts

D. Jones, I. Robinson


P. Harrison, J. McManus                                      83pts

J. Brame, C. Gleave


R. Jolley, J. Hilton                                                    80pts

S. Austin, G. Smith


J. Clarke, S. Gordon                                                80pts

S. Heyworth, J. Finn


S. Scott, T. Jones                                                      79pts

B. Strickland, B. Palmer


C. Rice, K. Halton                                                     79pts

T. Tresadern, D. Parrock


J. Howard, J. Conroy                                              79pts

P. Nicholson, I. Bond


D. Howarth, D. Aspinall                                        78pts

P. Peet, P. Shephard


J. Dawson, R. Maycock                                         78pts

G. Cottam, D. Bowen


T. Bickerdike, C. Mugan                                        75pts

O. Keenan, K. Riley


G. Dykins, N. Hallows                                            72pts

N. Ashton, M. Gorrill


R. Standring, G. Davies                                          72pts

P. Main, K. Fitzhenry


D. Heywood, A. Fowler                                         70pts

P. Neville, J.Dennis