Summer Series Event at Walmersley GC    30/8/18

Summer Series Event at Walmersley GC 30/8/18

30 Aug 2018

Todays event was played at Walmersley Golf Club, due to Bank Holiday week, the fact that it was a Thursday, etc the field was very depleated, so we played a Singles Stableford.

Unfortunately due to Hollow Tyning to remove thatch in April and then the weather turning really hot before the top dressing had been brushed / washed in, the greens were badly effected and still haven't recovered. It was a real shame, as the club couldn't have done any more to give us a good day, the weather was great too. Apart from the greens, everyone seemed to enjoy the course with its fabulous views.

Here are the results:

Walmersley GC August 30th 2018

1st Prize - £50.00

M. Wilson (11)                                                   39pts


2nd Prize - £40.00

G. Smith (9)                                                        38pts


3rd Prize - £30.00

T. Ellis (17)                                                          37pts


4th Prize - £20.00

S. Austin (13)                                                     37pts


5th Prize - £10.00

J. Brown (11)                                                     37pts


Aggregate Stableford Score - £10.00 each

G. Smith (9) & G. Conroy (6)                          73pts


Best Score Age 70+ - £10.00

S. Clarkson (18)                                                35pts


Nearest the Pin on 1st - £10.00                    P. Harvey                


Nearest the Pin on 8th - £10.00                   M. Wilson


Nearest the Pin on 14th - £10.00                  R. Gardner


Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 18th - £10.00        K. Heap


Longest Drive on 11th - £10.00                       K. Heap



Singles Stableford                                              Aggregate Stableford          

M. Wilson                         39pts                          G. Smith & G. Conroy          73pts

G. Smith                            38pts

T. Ellis                                37pts                          

S. Austin                            37pts

J. Brown                            37pts                           

G. Conroy                          35pts

P. Harvey                          35pts

R. Standring                      35pts

S. Clarkson                        34pts 70+

R. Moores                         34pts

S. Parke                             34pts

D. Pennington                  34pts

R. Jolley                             34pts

M. Ryan                             34pts

A. Thomson                      33pts

R. Gardner                        33pts

D. Holland                         33pts

C. Sherborne                    33pts

J. Clarke                             33pts

G. Stewart                         33pts

J. Hall                                 32pts

J. Dobson                          32pts                           

S. Fox                                 32pts

S. Wilkinson                     32pts

K. Banks                            32pts

K. Hughes                          31pts

A. Brown                           31pts

T. Brodrick                        31pts

G. Davies                           31pts

B. McKee                           31pts

F. Brocklebank                 30pts

E. Smith                             30pts

S. Pickup                            29pts

P. Stanley                          29pts

A. Walker                          29pts

K. Ruttle                            29pts

P. Fitzpatrick                    29pts

K. Heap                              28pts

A. McQuaid                      28pts

J. Fielding                          28pts

I. Chester                          28pts

E. Marsden                       27pts

G. Lucas                             27pts

D. Harrison                       27pts

S. Gordon                          27pts

D. Hughes                          24pts

C. Edmundson                  23pts

M. Henfield                       22pts

A. Wilkinson                     22pts

P. Coughlin                        12pts