Summer Series Event at Towneley Park GC   3/9/18

Summer Series Event at Towneley Park GC 3/9/18

Today's event was played at Towneley Park Golf Club, on a particularly rainey Monday. It rained hard till about 2.00pm, it was touch and go if we were to finish, but luckily it dried up and the majority who had gone out, got round.

Everyone enjoyed the course even on such a wet day, it is a pity it was so bad earlier, not sure why so many pulled out. Well played to the winners, unfortunately due to the pathetic turnout I have had to reduce the price values a bit.

Here are the results:

Towneley Park GC September 3rd 2018

1st Prize - £40.00 each

I. Chester (14) & P. Harvey (13)                               42pts         


2nd Prize - £30.00 each

B. Wilkinson (14) & S. Andrews (15)                      41pts


3rd Prize - £20.00 each

E. Marsden (15) & K. Ruttle (14)                              40pts


Best Gross Prize - £10.00 each

A. Sanderson (8) & P. Robinson (13)                        29.5pts


1st Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £15.00 each

G. Lucas (18) & R. Standring (9)                                40pts


2nd Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £7.50 each

P. Keville (17) & D. Thompson (14)                          40pts


Best Front 9 Score - £7.50 each

D. Leatham (12) & J. Deary (23)                               22pts


Best Back 9 Score - £7.50 each

M. Hilton (11) & A. Dowd (15)                                 21pts CPO



Nearest the Pin on 2nd - £7.50                                    P. Robinson            


Nearest the Pin on 6th - £7.50                                       S. Parke


Nearest the Pin on 16th - £7.50                                   D. Leatham


Nearest the Pin on 17th - £7.50                                    D. Thompson


Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 18th - £10.00              D. Colbourne         


Longest Drive on 5th - £10.00                                       M. Chappell



                                               Gross                    Net


I. Chester & P. Harvey                             29.5pts                42pts

B. Wilkinson & S. Andrews                     27.5pts               41pts

E. Marsden & K. Ruttle                           26.5pts                40pts

G. Lucas R. Standring                               23pts                   40pts 140+

D. Thompson & P. Keville                       26pts                   40pts 140+

C. Powell & D. Foster                              28.5pts                40pts

D. Leatham & J. Deary                            24pts                    40pts

A. Sanderson & P. Robinson                  29.5pts                39pts Gross

M. Hilton & A. Dowd                               27pts                   39pts

B. Wright & S. Pickup                              22pts                   38pts

J. Curwen & D. Joyce                               24pts                   38pts

J. Dobson & J. Brown                               27pts                   38pts

B. Snape & G. Cottom                             23pts                   37pts

F. Brocklebank & D. Harrison                 26.5pts                37pts

J. Buchanan & P.S. Jackson                     22.5pts                37pts

J. Sinclair & K. Hughes                             26.5pts                37pts

C. Fiveash & D. Holden                            21.5pts                36pts

T. Brodrick & S. Parke                             21.5pts                  36pts

K. Bridge & G. Maguire                           17.5pts                 35pts

D. Mitton & J. Dawson                            22.5pts                 34pts

G. Davies & D. Pennington                     20pts                    34pts

D. Holland & P. Fitzpatrick                      22.5pts                34pts

T. Ellis & D. Howarth                               19pts                     34pts

N. Ashton & R. Mills                                21pts                    33pts

M. Chappell & T. Barnes                         21.5pts                33pts

D. Colbourne & J. Wilson                        13pts                   32pts

P. Egan & I. Taylor                                   13pts                      32pts

B. Pearson & P. Smidowicz                     13.5pts                30pts

N. Harrop & S. Frost                                5.5pts                   23pts

P. Neville & J. Dennis                                                             NR

D. Heywood & A. Fowler                                                      NR

K. Heap & D. Harrison                                                           NR

J. Murphy & A. Bates                                                             NR

P. Cooper & W. Stanley                                                         NR

A. Thomson & J. Clarke                                                        NR

S. Gordon & C. Edmundson                                                 NR