Summer Series Event at Stand GC   21/9/20

Summer Series Event at Stand GC 21/9/20

21 Sep 2020

Today's event was played at Stand Golf Club, one of the Tour regulars. The weather was great, and the course in good condition too apart from the greens being dressed. Play was slow today with round times exceeding 4 and a half hours, I think mainly due to the par 3 6th, We should have made it a call through hole.

Scoring was pretty good but only early forties were acheived, here are the results:


Stand GC 21st Sept 2020

1st Prize - £40.00 each

J. Doyle (14) & R. Warburton (15)                                     44pts


2nd Prize - £30.00 each

K. Hughes (10) & D. Earl (15)                                              42pts


3rd Prize - £20.00 each

J. Paton (1) & C. McNulty (12)                                            42pts


4th Prize – 10.00 each

J. Hilton (13) & G. Smith (11)                                              42pts


Best Gross Prize - £15.00 each

E. McFerran (10) & P. Darlington (3)                                 35pts


1st Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £20.00 each

M. Lowe (9) & N. Ashton (13)                                            42pts


2nd Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £10.00 each

P. Neville (22) & J. Dennis (24)                                           40pts


Best Front 9 score -  3 Srixon Q- Star each

K. Jones (18) & T. Hereford (15)                                         23pts


Best Back 9 score – 3 Srixon Q-Star each

J. Rennox (10) & D. Calland (9)                                           23pts        




Nearest the Pin on 6th- 3 Srixon Z-Stars                              J. Paton                    

Nearest the Pin on 13th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                          J. Rennox

Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 18th– 3 Srixon Z-Stars         I. Bond

Longest Drive on 14th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                               S. Brown



J. Doyle & R. Warburton                                                44pts

K. Hughes & D. Earl                                                         42pts

J. Paton & C. McNulty                                                     42pts

J. Hilton & G. Smith                                                         42pts

M. Lowe & N. Ashton                                                      42pts  140+

K. Jones & T. Hereford                                                    42pts

J. Rennox & D. Calland                                                   41pts

E. McFerran & P. Darlington                                          41pts

A. Brown & D. Ford                                                         41pts

P. Neville & J. Dennis                                                      40pts  140+

R. Jolley & D. Hill                                                              40pts

P. Woods & M. Rimmer                                                  40pts

I. Bond & J. Howard                                                         39pts

K. Green & S. Greenall                                                    39pts

P. Harvey & G. Collis                                                        39pts

C. Vose & I. Robinson                                                      39pts

K. Halton & A. Hewis                                                       38pts

P. Ashcroft & N. Roberts                                                 38pts

J. Conroy & I. Bond                                                           38pts

T. Ashton & M. Caddick                                                  38pts

J. Bowers & S. Brown                                                      37pts

B. Snape & G. Cottam                                                      37pts

R. Gardner & B. McKee                                                   37pts

C. Billett & D. Howarth                                                   37pts

D. Aspinall & T. Ellis                                                         37pts

J. Clarke & S. Heyworth                                                  37pts

I. Chester & S. Wilkinson                                               37pts

C. Sherborne & D. Makin                                               37pts

J. Dawson & D. Mitton                                                    37pts

K. Smith & S. Eastwood                                                  37pts

A. Sanderson & P. Robinson                                         36pts

D. Parrock & N. Rodda                                                   36pts

J. Deary & M. Woodward                                              36pts

M. Wilson & J. Hall                                                          36pts

K. Patterson & P. Molyneux                                          36pts

T. Tresadern & C. Rice                                                    36pts

D. Leatham & K. Jackson                                               35pts

M. Wyatt & B. Ross                                                        35pts

T. Martin & D. Ashton                                                    35pts

E. Eagan & R. Martin                                                      35pts

M. Hughes & T. Bickerdike                                            35pts

B. Sherborne & S. Sherborne                                       35pts

J. Cunliffe & K. Shea                                                        35pts

K. Ruttle & E. Marsden                                                   35pts

K. Booth & A. Kendall                                                     35pts

C. Edmundson & J. Finn                                                 35pts

P. Hanson & P. Marsden                                                34pts

A. Ruttle & P. Byrne                                                         34pts

J. Dennis & M. Ashby                                                      34pts

D. Holland & A. Foulds                                                   33pts

R. Downing & P. Stevenson                                          33pts

C. Mugan & O. Keenan                                                   33pts

A. Brown & D. Hest                                                          33pts

D. Duerden & M. Price                                                    33pts

M. Bickett & A. Dean                                                       32pts

C. Bryan & D. Cooper                                                      32pts

D. Clark & R. Beaumont                                                 32pts

S. Graham & G. Hamilton                                              32pts

R. Standring & K. Fitzhenry                                           32pts

C. Powell & D. Foster                                                      31pts

P. Jackson & J. Buchanan                                               31pts

P. Main & G. Davies                                                         30pts