Summer Series Event at Romiley GC    14/9/20

Summer Series Event at Romiley GC 14/9/20

14 Sep 2020

Todays event was played at Romiley Golf Club near Stockport, this is one of the nicest courses on the rota, and didn't disappoint again, everyone had complementary comments, but found scoring really tough, due to no run, long par 4's and thick rough. With only one score in the 40's and that, only 40pts, this was the hardest scoring day yet, and on a beautiful day too.

Here are the results:

Romiley GC 14th Sept 2020

1st Prize - £40.00 each

K. Hughes (12) & D. Earl (18)                                              40pts


2nd Prize - £30.00 each

M. Price (13) & D. Duerden (6)                                          39pts


3rd Prize - £20.00 each

J. Buchanan (16) & P. Jackson (18)                                    39pts


4th Prize – 10.00 each

D. Wright (5) & C. Booth (11)                                             39pts


Best Gross Prize - £15.00 each

J. Paton (1) & R. Atkinson (4)                                              33.5pts


1st Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £20.00 each

P. Harvey (16) & B. Wilkinson (16)                                    37pts


2nd Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £10.00 each

C. Edmundson (11) & S. Gordon (20)                                 36pts


Best Front 9 score -  3 Srixon Q- Star each

D. Heywood (14) & P. Neville (22)                                     21pts cpo


Best Back 9 score – 3 Srixon Q-Star each

R. Tennant (5) & P. Woods (7)                                            20pts  cpo




Nearest the Pin on 2nd- 3 Srixon Z-Stars                             J. Knowles

Nearest the Pin on 5th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                            D. Earl

Nearest the Pin on 11th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                           P. Nicholson                       

Nearest the Pin on 15th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                          D. Mitton    

Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 14th– 3 Srixon Z-Stars         J. Doyle

Longest Drive on 10th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                               K. Fitzhenry



K. Hughes & D. Earl                                                40pts

M. Price & D. Duerden                                          39pts

J. Buchanan & P. Jackson                                      39pts  140+

D. Wright & C. Booth                                             39pts

J. Harker & S. Woods                                             39pts

J. Dawson & D. Mitton                                          38pts

A. Dean & P. Molyneux                                         38pts

P. Harvey & B. Wilkinson                                      37pts  140+

S. Brown & J. Bowers                                            37pts

C. Edmundson & S. Gordon                                 36pts  140+

R. Kenny & S. Sherborne                                      36pts

P. Rushby & B. Hampson                                     36pts

P. Nicholson & J. Conroy                                      36pts

C. Rice & A. Tresadern                                          36pts

D. Jagger & A. Wilde                                              36pts

J. Paton & R. Atkinson                                           36pts

M. Wilson & J. Hall                                                36pts

R. Tennant & P. Woods                                         35pts

P. Guy & E. McFerran                                            35pts

D. Harrop & K. Halton                                           35pts

C. Rennox & J. Rennox                                          35pts

P. Marsden & A. Foulds                                        35pts

B. Snape & G. Cottam                                            35pts

P. Ashcroft & N. Roberts                                      35pts

D. Heywood & P. Neville                                      35pts

I. Chester & S. Wilkinson                                      34pts

P. Byrne & S. Parke                                                 34pts

J. Dennis & D. Heywood                                       34pts

I. Bond & J. Howard                                               34pts

T. Ellis & C. Billett                                                    34pts

P. Fisher & J. Knowles                                           34pts

P. Coughlin & D. Scott                                           33pts

E. Marsden & K. Ruttle                                         33pts

P. Hanson & D. Holland                                        33pts

J. Doyle & J. Whitehurst                                       32pts

R. Downing & A. Jackson                                     32pts

G. Davies & P. Main                                               32pts

S. Briggs & D. Bowen                                             32pts

E. Eagan & M. Caddick                                          31pts

D. Holden & C. Fiveash                                          31pts

R. Standring & K. Fitzhenry                                  31pts

Ade Brown & D. Calland                                       30pts

J. Clarke & J. Finn                                                    30pts

D. Howarth & B. Salmon                                       30pts

M. Liptrot & S. Peers                                              30pts

P. Norbury & L. Tilley                                             30pts

A. Brown & G. Hamilton                                       30pts

S. Graham & A. Russell                                         29pts

J. Deary & M. Woodward                                    28pts

S. Greenall & K. Green                                         28pts

A. Sanderson & P. Robinson                               27pts

J. Whitehurst & N. Rodda                                    27pts

K. Booth & A. Kendall                                           25pts

C. Sherborne & D. Makin                                     24pts