Summer Series Event at Houldsworth GC   20/6/22

Summer Series Event at Houldsworth GC 20/6/22

20 Jun 2022

Today's event was played at Houldsworth Golf Club in Reddish, Stockport, as it says on the website, "A hidden Gem", and it is certainly well hidden, and a lovely course. It was in fantastic condition, and didn't play easy, the tight tree lined fairways, proved a challenge, scoring was good but not as high as some previous venues.

For those who didn't make it, you missed a treat, everyone who turned up really enjoyed it. We had our worst attendance of the season so far with only 80 players, with more last minute cry offs over the weekend, so apologies to the players, but as a result of low numbers, I have had to reduce the prizes.

Well played to all the prize winners, here are the results:

Houldsworth GC  20/6/ 2022

1st Prize - £35.00 each

D. Lawrenson (3.8) & J. Lee (10.8)                           45pts


2nd Prize - £25.00 each

J. Buchanan (19.8) & P.S. Jackson (18.6)                 44pts


3rd Prize - £15.00 each

B. Wilkinson (20.3) & P. Harvey (13.4)                    43pts


4th Prize – 10.00 each

S. Graham (17.2) & D. Howarth (21.5)                    42pts


Best Gross Prize - £10.00 each

P. Fell (5.7) & C. Bryan (9.7)                                     32.5pts


1st Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £15.00 each

M. Lowe (9.6) & N. Ashton (12.3)                            43pts


2nd Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £10.00 each

T. Ellis (23.2) & J. Kilburn (25)                                            41pts


Best Front  9 Score – 3 Srixon Q-Stars

P. Main (22.6) & G. Aldred (13.9)                                      21pts  cpo


Best Back 9 Score – 3 Srixon Q-Stars

D. Parrock (19.1) & J. Doyle (13.8)                                    23pts  cpo



Nearest the Pin on 2nd – 3 Srixon Q-Stars               D. Lawrenson

Nearest the Pin on 4th – 3 Srixon Q-Stars                 D. Duerden

Nearest the Pin on 7th – 3 Srixon Q-Stars                D. Taylforth

Nearest the Pin on 14th – 3 Srixon Q-Stars              D. Parrock

Nearest the Pin on 16th – 3 Srixon Q-Stars              P. Fell

Nearest the Pin in 2 on 6th – 3 Srixon Q-Stars        J. Rennox

Longest Drive on 12th – 3 Srixon Q-Stars                P. Woods




D. Lawrenson & J. Lee                                           45pts

J. Buchanan & P.S Jackson                                   44pts

B. Wilkinson & P. Harvey                                     43pts

M. Lowe & N. Ashton                                            43pts  140+

D. Howarth & S. Graham                                      42pts  140+

T. Ellis & J. Kilburn                                                  41pts

P. Main & G. Aldred                                               41pts

B. Ratcliffe & S. Greenall                                      40pts

J. Sinclair & K. Hughes                                           40pts

D. Bowers & E. Hudson                                         40pts

P. Fell & C. Bryan                                                     40pts  Gross

D. Parrock & J. Doyle                                             39pts

G. Lucas & K. Fitzhenry                                         39pts 

J. Rennox & S. Ireland                                           39pts

J. Carr & P. Ashcroft                                               39pts

S. Walker & A. Dean                                              38pts

C. Sherborne & D. Makin                                     38pts

S. Leadley & P. Molyneux                                     38pts

G. White & P. Woods                                             38pts

K. Green & B. Hampson                                        38pts

R. Kenny & S. Sherborne                                      38pts

M. Price & D. Duerden                                          38pts

R. Tennant & G. Nugent                                        38pts

S. Mortimer & D. Taylforth                                   37pts

C. Lynch & C. Jolley                                                 36pts

T. Gorman & P. Heys                                              37pts

M. Greenhalgh & B. Salmon                                37pts

C. Rice & T. Rice                                                       36pts

B. Eccles & J. Farnhill                                             36pts

D. Joyce & V. Handforth                                       36pts

M. Liptrot & K. Patterson                                     36pts

J. Devine & D. Barrow                                           35pts

Ade Brown & D. Hest                                             34pts

H. Clarke & J. Deary                                               34pts

D. Earl & K. Graham                                               34pts

D. Heywood & S. Smith                                         33pts

P.Neville & J. Dennis                                              32pts

I. Chester & S. Wilkinson                                      32pts

K. Halton & A. Hewis                                             30pts

J. Bowers & D. McKinnon                                     29pts