Summer Series Event at Haydock Park GC   6/9/21

Summer Series Event at Haydock Park GC 6/9/21

6 Sep 2021

Today's event was played at the very popular, Haydock Park Golf Club. The course was in great condition, and the weather great, a nice welcome back after a fortnight's break.

Scoring was pretty good, with a winning 46pts from our leaders of the Order of Merit, finally I can drop their handicaps, as they have flown under the radar most of the season. The tree lined fairways kept most of the scores honest, so we didn't have any really big numbers. From all the comments I heard around the clubhouse, a good day was had by most.

Here are the results:

Haydock Park GC 6th September 2021

1st Prize - £45.00 each

I. Chester (14.1) & S. Wilkinson (17.4)                              46pts


2nd Prize - £35.00 each

P. Sweeney (23.6) & J. Devine (19.5)                                 44pts


3rd Prize - £25.00 each

K. Halton (15.9) & C. Lean (22.1)                                       44pts


4th Prize - £15.00 each

D. Aspinall (20.3) & Alan Brown (14.1)                            43pts


5th Prize – 10.00 each

J. Sinclair (18.6) & K. Hughes (10)                                      43pts


Best Gross Prize - £15.00 each

K. White (7) & P. Molyneux (11.5)                                     35pts


1st Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £15.00 each

M. Wilson (13) & J. Hall (19.3)                                           43pts


1st Prize - Combined Age 150+ - £15.00 each

E. Marsden (23.8) & D. Caunce (12.1)                             41pts


Best Front 9 score -  3 Srixon Q-Stars

G. Lucas (24.6) & P. Main (22.6)                                      24pts  cpo


Best Back 9 score – 3 Srixon Q-Stars each

J. Buchanan (17.8) & P. S Jackson (17.6)                       24pts



Nearest the Pin on 2nd – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                A. Sanderson

Nearest the Pin on 4th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                 N. Rodda

Nearest the Pin on 8th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                  P. Neville

Nearest the Pin on 12th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars               I. Jones    g

Nearest the Pin on 18th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars               I. Workman

Nearest the Pin in 2 on 16th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars       S. Austin

Longest Drive on 3rd – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                    B. Hampson  g





I. Chester & S. Wilkinson                                      46pts

P. Sweeney & J. Devine                                         44pts

K. Halton & C. Lean                                                44pts 

D. Aspinall & Alan Brown                                     43pts

K. White & P. Molyneux                                       43pts  Gross

M. Wilson & J. Hall                                                43pts  140+

J. Sinclair & K. Hughes                                           43pts 

G. Lucas & P. Main                                                  43pts

J. Buchanan & P.S. Jackson                                   42pts

J. Curwen & D. Joyce                                              42pts

G. Parkes &E. Rimmer                                           42pts

E. McFerran & B. Wilson                                      41pts

S. Gordon & C. Edmundson                                 41pts

E. Marsden & D. Caunce                                       41pts  150+

B. Sinclair & H. Jewkes                                          40pts

P. Crossland & J. Greenhow                                 40pts

G. Smith & T. Jones                                                40pts

A. Leigh & J.O’Reilly                                               40pts

K. Patterson & R. Tennant                                    40pts

R. Warburton & J. Doyle                                      40pts

M. Chappell & B. Hampson                                 40pts

D. Holden & C. Fiveash                                          39pts

G. Conroy & S. Austin                                            39pts

T. Tresadern & A. Hewis                                       39pts

H. Clarke & J. Deary                                               39pts

N. Gravener & M. Gravener                                39pts

P. Marsden & A. Foulds                                        39pts

D. Mitton & S. Turner                                            39pts

B. Salmon & P. Brimelow                                     39pts

L. Kay & M. Liptrot                                                 39pts

J. Nutter & P. Hanson                                            38pts

P. Harvey & B. Wilkinson                                     38pts

T. Ellis & M. Greenhalgh                                       38pts

C. Cooper & J. Clews                                              37pts

A. Roberts & I. Jones                                             37pts

P. Harper & B. Probert                                          37pts

F. Massey & D. Torkington                                   37pts

P. Ashcroft & J. Carr                                               37pts

K. Green & S. Greenall                                          37pts

R. Downing & A. Jackson                                     37pts

T. Ashton & R.Fraser                                             37pts

K. White & G. White                                              37pts

D. Pennington & P. Main                                      37pts

A. Dean & P. Woods                                              37pts

J. Dennis & D. Heywood                                       36pts

I. Bishop & N. Roberts                                           36pts

C. Vose & W. Sumner                                            36pts

D. Howarth & T. Gorman                                     36pts

S. Butterworth & P. Stevenson                           36pts

E. Eagan & P. Parry                                                35pts

Ade Brown & S. Ireland                                        35pts

S. Manley & T. Bickerdike                                    35pts

J. Cunliffe & J. Potts                                               35pts

M. Delahunty & P. Hipshaw                                35pts

C. Mugan & O. Keenan                                         35pts

R. Hands & C. Lynch                                              34pts

J. Whitehead & P. Byrne                                       34pts

A. Sanderson & P. Robinson                                34pts

J. Clarke & G. Milburn                                           34pts

J. Dennis & P. Neville                                             33pts

B. Snape & G. Cottam                                            33pts

T. Hereford & K. Jones                                           31pts

J. Rennox & J. Kennedy                                         31pts

D. Parrock & N. Rodda                                          31pts

B. McKee & Ptnr                                                     31pts

R. Hands & S. Roach                                               30pts

D. Foster & D. Davenport                                     28pts