Summer Series Event at Ellesmere GC   14/5/18

Summer Series Event at Ellesmere GC 14/5/18

14 May 2018

Today's fixture was at a very sunny Ellesmere Golf Club, the course was in fantastic condition, especially the greens, a real treat after the ones at Berrington Hall last week. With the dry conditions and firm fast greens, scoring was tough, which showed in the scores with only one score in the 40's.

Here are the results:

Ellesmere GC 14th May 2018

1st Prize - £50.00 each

J. Hilton & G. Smith                                           40pts


2nd Prize - £40.00 each

J. Buchanan & P.S. Jackson                              39pts


3rd Prize - £30.00 each

P. Coughlin & D. Gregan                                   39pts


4th Prize - £20.00 each

M. Wilson & J. Hall                                            39pts


5th Prize - £10.00 each

G. Brocklehurst & N. Murray                           39pts


1st Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £20.00 each

B. Sinclair & F. Parks                                         38pts


2nd Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £10.00 each

E. Newton & J. Daly                                           36pts


Best Front 9 Score - £10.00 each

T. Brodrick & D. Caunce                                    23pts


Best Back 9 Score - £10.00 each

D. Moore & G. Sherburn                                  20pts




Nearest the Pin on 1st - £10.00                        C. Mugan


Nearest the Pin on 9th - £10.00                        P. Fisher      


Nearest the Pin on 12th - £10.00                     M. Price


Nearest the Pin on 14th - £10.00                     D. Spibey


Nearest the Pin on 18th - £10.00                     P. Fender


Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 7th - £10.00    S. Walker


Longest Drive on 17th - £10.00                         N. Murray


J. Hilton & G. Smith                                           40pts

J. Buchanan & P.S. Jackson                              39pts

P. Coughlin & D. Gregan                                   39pts

M. Wilson & J. Hall                                            39pts

G. Brocklehurst & N. Murray                           39pts

B. Wilkinson & S. Andrews                              39pts

G. Sherburn & D. Moore                                  38pts

D. Haughton & D. Ainley                                  38pts

D. Harris & B. Davies                                         38pts

B. Sinclair & F. Parks                                          38pts   140+

D. Leatham & J. Deary                                       37pts

K. Boothroyd & J. Fielding                                37pts

E. Newton & J. Daly                                            36pts   140+

B. Dill & G. Fairclough                                        36pts

J. Brame & A. McMunn                                     36pts

R. Hurst & I Slough                                             36pts

D. Joyce & J. Curwen                                         36pts

A. Bates & P. Cooper                                         36pts

C. Sherborne & K. Banks                                  36pts

A. Walker & A. McQuaid                                  35pts

F. Brocklebank & A. Brown                              35pts

J. Dobson & J. Brown                                        35pts

A. Thomson & J. Clarke                                     35pts

P. Fisher & M. Woodward                                 35pts

D. Foster & R. Pemberton                                 34pts

D. Heywood & M. Ashby                                  34pts

W. Stanley & J. Murphy                                    34pts

P. Harvey & I. Chester                                       34pts

T. Brodrick & D. Caunce                                    34pts

S. Walker & J. MacDonald                                33pts

C. Lynch & S. Roach                                            33pts

D. Holden & C. Fiveash                                      33pts

P. Harrison & J. McManus                                 33pts

J. Dennis & D. Spibey                                         33pts

S. Turner & D. Mitton                                        33pts

D. Pennington & G. Davies                               33pts

M. Taylor & R. Wilkins                                       33pts

C. Mugan & O. Keenan                                      33pts

S. Frost & N. Harrop                                           32pts

P. Smidowicz & B. Pearson                               32pts

A. Sanderson & C. Powell                                 32pts

N. Stott & A. Phillipson                                     32pts

M. Hughes & T. Bickerdike                                31pts

E. Marsden & K. Smith                                       31pts

T. Barnes & B. Hampson                                    31pts

P. Lofthouse & K.Tattersall                                31pts

G. Lucas & R. Standring                                     31pts

P. Egan & A. Boyden                                          30pts

B. Snape & J. Hogan                                           30pts

M. Price & G. Smith                                           30pts

M. Chappell & B. Ratcliffe                                30pts

R. Gardner & B. McKee                                     30pts

P. Hanson & P. Smith                                         30pts

M. Leyland & M. Trzeciak                                 29pts

T. Wesslingh & L. Stanton                                 29pts

S. Sherborne & R. Kenny                                  29pts

R. Mills & S. Cragg                                              29pts

J. Beazley & S. Jacubowski                               29pts

N. Hallows & S. Austin                                      28pts

P. Marsden & J. Nutter                                     27pts

K. Heap & D. Dunleavy                                     27pts

E. Eagan & R. Martin                                         27pts

M. Hilton & J.J.Walsh                                        27pts

S. Lavers & N. Ainsworth                                  26pts

S. Heyworth & P. Fender                                   25pts

M. Liptrot & l. Kay                                              24pts