Summer Series Event at Didsbury Golf Club   1/8/22

Summer Series Event at Didsbury Golf Club 1/8/22

1 Aug 2022

Today's event was played at Didsbury Golf Club, the weather was great, the course was in superb condition and the bacon butties were beautiful !!  All good then.

We played a Betterball Stableford with both to score on the five Par 3's. the three winning scores were a fantastic 56pts, 55pts and 54pts with 51pts next. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day, and as expected with 5 par 3's was a bit expensive on twos with 20 twos!!  well done! the good greens obviously making holing puts easier.

Here are today's results:

Didsbury GC  1/8/ 2022

1st Prize - £40.00 each

J. Clews (22.9) & L. Windows (19.9)                        56pts


2nd Prize - £30.00 each

B. Ratcliffe (16.5) & S. Greenall (17.6)                    55pts    


3rd Prize - £20.00 each

K. Hughes (12.0) & J. Sinclair (18.4)                         54pts


4th Prize – 10.00 each

G. Conroy (7.1) & S. Austin (18.5)                            51pts


Best Gross Prize - £15.00 each

R. Tennant (5.4) & I. Workman (4.2)                       45.5pts


1st Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £15.00 each

K. Halton (16.1) & A. Hewis (19.7)                           51pts


2nd Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £10.00 each

J. Curwen (19.8) & D. Joyce (20.9)                           51pts


Best Front  9 Score – 3 Srixon Q-Stars

C. Sherborne (14.7) & D. Makin (21.1)                    29pts


Best Back 9 Score – 3 Srixon Q-Stars

B. Dill (24.7) & M. Clynes (17.4)                               26pts  cpo



Nearest the Pin on 1st – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                 K. Cummings  g

Nearest the Pin on 4th – 3 Srixon Z- stars                 D. Jenkins

Nearest the Pin on 6th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                  E. Hudson

Nearest the Pin on 11th -  3 Srixon Q-Stars              D. Bowers

Nearest the Pin on 18th – Srixon Q-Stars                  B. Ratcliffe  g

Nearest the Pin in 2 on 16th – 3 Srixon Q-Stars      C. Rice      

Longest Drive on 12th – 3 Srixon Q-Stars                 G. Conroy 



J. Clews & L. Windows                                          56pts

B. Ratcliffe & S. Greenall                                      55pts 

K. Hughes & J. Sinclair                                           54pts

K. Halton & A. Hewis                                             51pts  140+

G.Conroy & S. Austin                                             51pts

J. Curwen & D. Joyce                                              51pts  140+

C. Sherborne & D. Makin                                     51pts

R. Tennant & I. Workman                                    50pts  Gross

R. Martin & E. Eagan                                              50pts

I. Chester & S. Wilkinson                                      49pts

D. Jenkins & M. Liptrot                                         49pts

P. Kenyon & D. Howarth                                      48pts

D. End & T. Jacobs                                                  48pts

M. Milner & M. Greenhalgh                                48pts

S. Madill & D. Baxter                                             48pts

K. Cummings & G. Sams                                       48pts

E. Marsden & K. Ruttle                                         48pts

S. Mortimer & D. Taylforth                                   47pts

J. Bowers & E. Hudson                                          47pts

N. Rodda & D. Parrock                                           47pts

B. Dill & M. Clynes                                                  46pts

S. Davies & J. Carr                                                   46pts

M. Lowe & N. Ashton                                            46pts

A. Brown & B. Salmon                                           46pts

P. Fell & C. Bryan                                                     45pts

D. Hest & R. Hutchinson                                       45pts

R. Massen & R. Turner                                          45pts

T. Ellis & J. Kilburn                                                  45pts

J. Whitehead & J. Beazley                                    45pts

J. Devine & D. Barrow                                           44pts

R. Kenny & S. Sherborne                                      44pts

J. Doyle & R. Warburton                                      44pts

J. Brown & T. Ashton                                             44pts

J. Conroy & P. Nicholson                                      43pts

S. Davies & A. Murphy                                          43pts

D. MacKinnon & D. Bowers                                 43pts

S. Butterworth & P. Stevenson                           42pts

P. Molyneux & T. Bennett                                    42pts

N. Gravener & M. Gravener                                42pts

K. Graham & D. Earl                                               42pts

P. Harvey & B. Wilkinson                                     41pts

K. Green & B. Hampson                                        41pts

P. Neville & J. Dennis                                             41pts

J. Buchanan & P.S. Jackson                                  41pts

R. Downing & A. Jackson                                     40pts

A. Dean & G. Newgent                                          40pts

M. Woodward & J. Deary                                    39pts

I. Bond & J. Howard                                               39pts

S. Ireland & J. Rennox                                           38pts

D. Holden & C. Fiveash                                          35pts

B.Eccles & J. Farnhill                                              35pts

C. Rice & T. Tresadern                                            35pts