Summer Series Event at Denton GC 15/10/18

15 Oct 2018

Today's event was played at Denton Golf Club, the weather stayed fine, for our last Summer competition. The course was playing long after the rain at weekend, but still in good condition. Scoring was tough though with only two scores in the forties.

Ian Chester managed to clinch the 1st Prize in the Order of Merit, well done Ian, and all the other players in the top 6.

Here are today's results:


Denton GC October 15th 2018

1st Prize - £50.00 each

S. Sherborne (13) & D. Duerden  (7)                        42pts         


2nd Prize - £40.00 each

J. Fielding (18) & K. Boothroyd (14)                         40pts


3rd Prize - £30.00 each

N. Ashton (11) & G. Stewart (20)                             39pts


4th Prize - £20.00 each

I. Chester (12) & S. Wilkinson (21)                           39pts


Best Gross  Prize - £10.00 each

A. Sanderson (8) & D. Williams (7)                          31.5pts


1st Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £20.00 each

D. Foster (16) & C. Powell (10)                                  38pts


2nd Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £10.00 each

E. Smith (13) & S. Clarkson (18)                                38pts


Best Front 9 Score - £10.00 each

B. Wilkinson (13) & K. Ridding (15)                          20pts    


Best Back 9 Score - £10.00 each

E. Eagan (17) & R. Martin (12)                                  23pts



Nearest the Pin on 2nd - £10.00                              K. Heap

Nearest the Pin on 5th - £10.00                                S. Gordon

Nearest the Pin on 8th - £10.00                                K. Banks

Nearest the Pin on 13th - £10.00                              B. Dawson              

Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 18th - £10.00            S. Walker

Longest Drive on 16th - £10.00                                  R. Hutchinson



                                               Gross                   Net

S. Sherborne & D. Duerden                    33pts                   42pts

K. Boothroyd & J. Fielding                      25.5pts                40pts

N. Ashton & G. Stewart                           25pts                   39pts

I. Chester & S. Wilkinson                        24pts                   39pts

D. Foster & C. Powell                               26.5pts                38pts 140+

E. Smith & S. Clarkson                             24pts                   38pts 140+

R. Hurst & G. Watson                              21pts                   38pts

A. Sanderson & D. Williams                   31.5pts                38pts

M. Wilson & J. Hall                                  25pts                   37pts

J. Murphy & N. Johnson                          26pts                   37pts

D. Haughton & L. Burrill                          24pts                   37pts

T. Brodrick & S. Parke                              21.5pts                36pts

P. Cooper & W. Stanley                           22.5pts                36pts

J. Dobson & J. Brown                              24.5pts                36pts 

C. Wood & S. Thompson                         24.5pts                36pts

D. Pennington & G. Davies                     21pts                   36pts

E. Eagan & R. Martin                               22pts                   35pts

M. Price & D. Makin                                17.5pts                35pts

M. Henfield & B. Dawson                       20.5pts                35pts

K. Banks & C. Sherborne                         22pts                   35pts

B. Wilkinson & K. Ridding                       22pts                   35pts

J. Curwen & D.Joyce                                22.5pts                35pts

F. Walters & V. Hudson                           18pts                   34pts

J. Hilton & S. Austin                                 24.5pts                34pts

G. Smith & N. Hallows                             27pts                   34pts

M. Liptrot & L. Kay                                  20.5pts                 34pts

P. Fitzpatrick & M. Eccles                        13.5pts                33pts

J. Clarke & C. Edmundson                                                    33pts

S. Lavers & N. Ainsworth                        25pts                   33pts

R. Hutchinson & I. Compton                   22pts                   33pts

P. Harrison & J. McManus                      19pts                    33pts

D. Moore & G. Sherburn                         21.5pts                33pts

P. Smith & J. Nutter                                 22.5pts                 33pts

P. Marsden & T. Bamford                       21pts                    32pts

M. Leyland & P. Egan                              16pts                    32pts

S. Walker & A. Dean                                24pts                   32pts

J. Sinclair & K. Hughes                             21pts                   32pts

P. Fisher & T. Ashton                               13.5pts                32pts

K. Heap & S. Catterall                              20.5pts                32pts

F. Brocklebank & A. Brown                    24pts                   32pts

D. Colbourne & J. Wilson                        11.5pts                31pts

G. Lucas & R. Standring                           19pts                   31pts

J. Deary & M. Woodward                       16pts                   31pts

P. Byrne & J. Macdonald                         19.5pts                31pts

E. Marsden & D. Caunce                         19pts                   31pts

D. Porter & J. Yates                                 13pts                   31pts

P.S. Jackson & J. Kelly                             13.5pts                31pts

G. Henry & P.Stanley                               11.5pts                30pts

S. Gordon & S. Heyworth                       16pts                   30pts

I. Taylor & A. Bowen                               10.5pts                30pts

R. Wilkins & M. Taylor                            17pts                   30pts

J. Brame & A. McMunn                           19pts                   29pts

L. Borland & A. Waddington                   12pts                   27pts

B. McKee & P. Coughlin                          10.5pts                27pts

P. Smidowicz & A. Cunniffe                    7pts                     27pts

S. Frost & N. Harrop                                8pts                     25pts

R. Austin & C. Nicholson                        11.5pts                24pts

M. Chappell & T. Barnes                                                      NR

B. Hampson & B. Ratcliffe                                                   NR