Summer Series Event at Deane GC   31/5/18

Summer Series Event at Deane GC 31/5/18

Today's event was played at a very hot and muggy Deane Golf Club. The course was in good condition and was enjoyed by all, the format was Singles Stableford due to the reduced field, and scoring seemed tough going off the majority of scores.  There was however a sprinkling of scores under par, well played to the winners.

Here are the results:

Deane GC 31st May 2018

1st Prize - £50.00

J. Daly (9)                                                                             40pts


2nd Prize - £40.00

T. Ashton (19)                                                                     39pts


3rd Prize - £30.00

E. Newton (12)                                                                   38pts


4th Prize - £20.00

G. Stewart (19)                                                                   38pts


5th Prize - £10.00

C. Wood (16)                                                                      37pts


1st Prize - Individual Age 70+ - £10.00

J. Dennis (24)                                                                     36pts


1st Price Aggregate Stableford - £10.00 each

J. Daly (9)  &  E. Newton (12)                                         78pts


Nearest the Pin on 1st - £10.00                                    K. Heap        


Nearest the Pin on 5th - £10.00                                    J. Daly


Nearest the Pin on 13th - £10.00                                 R. Hands


Nearest the Pin on 16th - £10.00                                 J. Dobson


Nearest the Pin on 18th - £10.00                                 I. Chester


Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 17th - £10.00              R. Foster


Longest Drive on 8th - £10.00                                        R. Foster


J. Daly                                                    40pts

T. Ashton                                              39pts

E. Newton                                             38pts

G. Stewart                                            38pts

C. Wood                                                37pts

I. Chester                                              37pts

D. Harrison                                           37pts

J. Conroy                                               36pts

J. Dennis                                               36pts

J. Beazley                                              35pts

B. Dill                                                     34pts

K. Ruttle                                                34pts

S. Jakubowski                                      34pts

G. Davies                                               34pts

H. Clarke                                               33pts

K. Heap                                                  33pts

A. McQuaid                                          33pts

R. Hands                                                32pts

J. Dobson                                              31pts

S. Heyworth                                         31pts

J. Buchanan                                          31pts

P.S. Jackson                                          31pts

C. Boughey                                           31pts

S. Cragg                                                 31pts

D. Howarth                                           31pts

T. Brodrick                                            31pts

R. Standring                                         31pts

E. Marsden                                           30pts

J. Brown                                                30pts

R. Martin                                              30pts

D. Heywood                                         30pts

S. Thompson                                        30pts

J. Clarke                                                 30pts

G. Lucas                                                 29pts

F. Walters                                              29pts

O. Keenan                                             29pts

B. Wilkinson                                         29pts

D. Pennington                                      29pts

T. Bamford                                            29pts

S. Pickett                                               29pts

A. Walker                                              29pts

D. Harvey                                              29pts

G. Cottam                                             29pts

D. Caunce                                             28pts

P. Nicholson                                         28pts

C. Lynch                                                 28pts

C. Mugan                                              28pts

E. Eagan                                                 27pts

A. Thomson                                          27pts

P. Smidowicz                                       27pts

S. Wilkinson                                         27pts

I. Tidswell                                             27pts

F. Parks                                                  27pts

G. Fairclough                                       27pts

R. Hutchinson                                      27pts

S. Fox                                                     26pts

I. Noone                                                26pts

P. Whitehead                                       26pts

I. Braddock                                           26pts

P. Smith                                                 26pts

B. Sinclair                                              26pts

M. Ashby                                              26pts

P. Harvey                                              25pts

P. Neville                                              25pts

J. Buckley                                              24pts

R. Mills                                                  22pts

R. Foster                                               22pts

P. Fisher                                                 22pts

M. Hughes                                            21pts

D. Dunleavy                                         18pts

M. Henfield                                          17pts