Summer Series Event at Crompton & Royton GC   1/10/18

Summer Series Event at Crompton & Royton GC 1/10/18

1 Oct 2018

Today's event was played at Crompton and Royton Golf Club, the weather was kind but fresh, with a little frost first thing and then a cold breeze later. The course was in great condition, the greens had been ironed and the pins placed in some creative positions, making putting very tricky, as the surfaces were one of the best we have played on and fast.

Scoring was good, but less than half the field managed to get under par. Well played to all the winners.

Just a request for next week, as the nights are drawing in, we need to speed up, or everyone will not get round. Rounds were taking 5 hours today, mainly due to one early group, which backed up right down the field. If you cannot score, please pick up, and try to keep up with the group in front. Apparently there were still a lot of unrepaired pitchmarks again today, please can you repair your pitchmarks, and at least another one if you see any, thank you.

Here are the results:

Crompton & Royton GC 1st October 2018

1st Prize - £50.00 each

D. Joyce (18) & J. Curwen (14)                                 44pts


2nd Prize - £40.00 each

L. Burrill (13) & G. Watson (18)                                43pts


3rd Prize - £30.00 each

M. Woodward (10) & L. Collinson (19)                    42pts


 Best Gross  Prize - £10.00 each

G. Smith (8) & S. Austin (12)                                      29pts


1st Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £20.00 each

D. Haughton (16) & R. Hurst (20)                             41pts


2nd Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £10.00 each

C. Sherborne (12) & K. Barker (15)                          40pts


Best Front 9 Score - £7.50 each

M. Price (15) & D. Makin (23)                                   22pts CPO


Best Back 9 Score - £7.50 each

M. Leyland (11) & I. Taylor (19)                                21pts



Nearest the Pin on 4th - £7.50                                 A. Robson               

Nearest the Pin on 6th - £7.50                                  P. Marsden

Nearest the Pin on 14th - £7.50                               B. Pearson

Nearest the Pin on 16th - £7.50                                P. Marsden

Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on 18th - £7.50             P. Hanson

Longest Drive on 11th - £7.50                                   K. Barker


                                               Gross                   Net

D. Joyce & J. Curwen                               29.5pts                44pts

L. Burrill & G. Watson                              29pts                   43pts

M. Woodward & L. Collinson                 29pts                   42pts

D. Haughton & R. Hurst                           25pts                   41pts 140+

J. McManus & F. Preistley                       26pts                   40pts

C. Sherborne & K. Barker                        27.5pts                40pts 140+

M. Price & D. Makin                                 22.5pts                40pts

M. Leyland & I. Taylor                              25.5pts                39pts

A. Bates & J. Murphy                               27.5pts                39pts

K. Boothroyd & M. Ryan                         21.5pts                39pts

J. Hall & B. McKee                                    22.5pts                39pts

M. Hughes & T. Bickerdike                     26.5pts                39pts

T. Crewe & V. Nilsen                                 26pts                   38pts

D. Heywood & M. Ashby                        21.5pts                38pts

G. Smith & S. Austin                                29pts                   38pts Gross

B. Wilkinson & S. Wilkinson                   22.5pts                38pts

D. Harrison & K. Heap                             24.5pts                37pts

A. Brown & M. Richardson                     25pts                   37pts

E. Marsden & K. Ruttle                            24pts                   37pts

P. Smidowicz & B. Pearson                     20pts                   37pts

R. Martin & P. Fisher                               20.5pts                37pts

D. Pennington & G. Davies                     23pts                   37pts

D. Mitton & J. Dawson                            26.5pts                37pts

J. Clarke & A. Thomson                           25.5pts                36pts

P. Fisher & T. Ashton                               17.5pts                36pts

K. Hughes & J. Sinclair                             24.5pts                36pts

I. Chester & P. Harvey                             25.5pts                36pts

J. Lowden & M. Jones                             22.5pts                35pts

J. Buchanan & P.S. Jackson                    21.5pts                35pts

F. Walters & J. Beazley                           20pts                   35pts

P. Marsden & J. Nutter                           28pts                   35pts

R. Wilkins & M. Taylor                            19.5pts                35pts

J. Dobson & J. Brown                              24pts                   35pts

D. Harris & L. Bithell                                25.5pts                35pts

I. Compton & R. Hutchinson                  23pts                   34pts

D. Botterill & C. Cameron                       20pts                   34pts

P. Hanson & P. Smith                               21pts                   34pts

T. Brodrick & S. Parke                             19.5pts                34pts

B. Snape & S. Briggs                                20.5pts                34pts

B. Foster & A. Robson                             20.5pts                34pts

P. Cragg & F. Eccles                                   23pts                   33pts

O. Keenan & C. Mugan                            18.5pts                33pts

B. Dill & G. Fairclough                             15.5pts                33pts

M. Chappell & B. Hampson                    25pts                   33pts

P. Coughlin & D. Gregan                          18pts                   31pts

L. Borland & A. Waddington                  16.5pts                31pts

R. Mills & N. Ashton                                19pts                   31pts

P. Cooper & G. Eckersall                         16pts                   31pts

S. Gordon & S. Heyworth                       15pts                   28pts

P. Neville & J. Dennis                               17pts                   25pts