Summer Series Event at Chorlton cum Hardy GC     27/6/22

Summer Series Event at Chorlton cum Hardy GC 27/6/22

27 Jun 2022

Today's event was played at Chorlton cum Hardy Golf Club, it was a bit wet until about 12.00pm, then it brightened up thankfully. The course was in great condition, the comments about the greens were very complementary, one said they were the best greens of the season so far.

We had our third Hole in One of the season on the 4th, congratulations Joe Rennox, quite a few guys had not played the course before and really enjoyed it, numbers were still down, with more late cry offs, luckily the caterer was ok about the reduced number I had given him, and didn't charge me any extra, thankfully.

We played a betterball stableford with both to score on the Par 3's, scoring was good, with a 52 points winning score then 49's. Well played to all the winners, here are the results.

Chorlton Cum Hardy GC  27/6/ 2022

1st Prize - £40.00 each

P. Main (23.3) & G. Aldred (14.1)                            52pts


2nd Prize - £30.00 each

D. Howarth (21.5) & T. Gorman (18.5)                    49pts


3rd Prize - £20.00 each

R. Kenny (13.7) & S. Sherborne (15.4)                    49pts


4th Prize – 10.00 each

I. Chester (13.7) & S. Wilkinson (17.2)                    48pts


Best Gross Prize - £10.00 each

J. Rennox (13.8) & D. Calland (10.7)                        36.5pts


1st Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £15.00 each

S. Greenall (17.6) & K. Green (13.2)                        48pts


2nd Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £10.00 each

J. Deary (25.7) & D. Leatham (15.3)                        47pts


Best Front  9 Score – 3 Srixon Q-Stars

D. McKinnon (12.8) & S. Austin (19.3)                     24pts  cpo


Best Back 9 Score – 3 Srixon Q-Stars

B. Salmon (16.1) & Alan Brown (14.0)                    27pts



Nearest the Pin on 4th – 3 Srixon Q-Stars                 J. Rennox     (Hole in 1)

Nearest the Pin on 10th – 3 Srixon Q-Stars               S. Wilkinson

Nearest the Pin on 13th – 3 Srixon Q-Stars               D. Calland

Nearest the Pin on 17th – 3 Srixon Q-Stars               S. Mortimer

Nearest the Pin in 2 on 18th – 3 Srixon Q-Stars      T. Gorman

Longest Drive on 7th – 3 Srixon Q-Stars                   B. Hampson




P. Main & G. Aldred                                               52pts

D. Howarth & T. Gorman                                     49pts

S. Sherborne & R. Kenny                                      49pts

J. Rennox & D. Calland                                          49pts  Gross

I. Chester & S. Wilkinson                                      48pts

S. Greenall & K. Green                                          48pts  140+

P. Bloomfield & J. Whitehurst                              48pts

J. Deary & D. Leatham                                           47pts  140+

B. Salmon & Alan Brown                                      47pts

P. Neville & J. Dennis                                             47pts

C. Sherborne & D. Makin                                     47pts

S. Austin & D. McKinnon                                      47pts

S. Madill & K. Cummings                                      45pts

J. Brown & T.Ashton                                              45pts

E. Marsden & K. Ruttle                                         44pts

J. Bowers & D. Bowers                                          44pts

C. Lynch & S. Cragg                                                 43pts

K. Hughes & J. Sinclair                                           43pts

I. Bishop & J. Carr                                                    43pts

S. Manley & S. Dyke                                               42pts

J. Clues & P. Stevenson                                         42pts

J. Kilburn &D. Peak                                                 42pts

R. Downing & A. Jackson                                     42pts

D. Hest & Ade Brown                                             42pts

M. Milner & E. Eagan                                             41pts

P. Harvey & B. Wilkinson                                     41pts

B. Eccles & D. Taylforth                                         41pts

A. Murphy & P. O’Neil                                           40pts

C. Fiveash & D. Holden                                          40pts

S. Mortimer & J. Farnhill                                      39pts

B. Hampson & B. Ratcliffe                                   39pts

J. Whitehead & T. Garner                                    39pts

M. Jaggs & P. Ashcroft                                          39pts

A. Heller & G. Sams                                                39pts

K. Patterson & S. Walker                                      38pts

D. Heywood & S. Smith                                         37pts

C. Cooper & L. Windows                                      37pts

P.S. Jackson & J. Buchanan                                  37pts

T. Tresadern & A. Hewis                                       37pts

R. Warburton & J. Doyle                                      37pts

M. Liptrot & S. Leadley                                          37pts

D. Aspinall & T. Ellis                                               36pts

D. Parrock & K. Graham                                       36pts

T. Bickerdike & C. Mugan                                     35pts

G. Lucas & J. Whittaker                                         32pts

D. Botterill & G. Littler                                           31pts