Summer Seies Event at Withington GC   24/5/21

Summer Seies Event at Withington GC 24/5/21

24 May 2021

Today's event was played at Withington Golf Club, the weather was great, we dodged all the rain that was circulating the area.

The course was in good condition and not too wet after the weekend. Everyone seemed to enjoy the course, and scoring in general was good with a winning 46pts and the worst score was only 34pts, nothin in the twenties, so that was better.

Apparently all the nearest pins were as close as usual, but not a massive amount of twos again.

Here are the results, well played to all the winners:

Withington GC 24 th May 2021

1st Prize - £45.00 each

T. Hereford (16.9) & W. Sumner (20.7)                            46pts


2nd Prize - £35.00 each

I. Bond (4.2) & J. Howard (11.1)                                        44pts


3rd Prize - £25.00 each

J. Hilton (12.9) & R. Blackwell (11.4)                                 44pts


4th Prize - £15.00 each

N. Ashton (13.4) & M. Lowe (7.6)                                      44pts


5th Prize – 10.00 each

J. Dawson (16.8) & S. Turner (14.3)                                  44pts


Best Gross Prize - £15.00 each

J. Paton (1.5) & N. Gravener (3.4)                                     35.5pts


1st Prize - Combined Age 140+ - £15.00 each

G. Hamilton (21.7) & S. Graham (18.9)                            42pts


1st Prize - Combined Age 150+ - £15.00 each

J. Clarke (23.7) & S. Heyworth (16.0)                               41pts


Best Front 9 score -  3 Srixon Q-Stars

S. Hough (13.3) & F. McKay          (10.5)                           24pts


Best Back 9 score – 3 Srixon Q-Stars each

I. Bishop (10.2) & S. Davies (19.7)                                    23pts



Nearest the Pin on 1st – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                            J. Paton

Nearest the Pin on 4th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                           F. McKay

Nearest the Pin on 8th– 3 Srixon Z-Stars                            D. Makin

Nearest the Pin on 10th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                         S. Davis

Nearest the Pin in 2 on 15th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                  B. Ratcliffe

Longest Drive on 16th – 3 Srixon Z-Stars                           A. Dean



T. Hereford & W. Sumner                                              46pts

I. Bond & J. Howard                                                         44pts

J. Hilton & R. Blackwell                                                   44pts

N. Ashton & M. Lowe                                                      44pts

J. Dawson & S. Turner                                                     44pts

A. Leigh & J. O’Reilly                                                        42pts

G. Hamilton & S. Graham                                              42pts 140+

J. Conroy & P. Nicholson                                                42pts

J. Hall & M. Wilson                                                           42pts

B. Snape & G. Cottam                                                      42pts

C. Edwards & B. Glavin                                                   42pts

J. Clarke & S. Heyworth                                                  41pts 150+

R. Gardner & B. McKee                                                   41pts

E. Eagan & R. Martin                                                       41pts

Alan Brown & M. Milner                                               41pts

S. Butterworth & L. Windows                                       41pts

D. Holden & C. Fiveash                                                   41pts

P. Marsden & S. Henderson                                          41pts

A. Dean & S. Peers                                                           41pts

S. Hough & F. McKay                                                       41pts

C. Sherborne & D. Makin                                               41pts

M. Price & D. Duerden                                                    40pts

F. Massey & D. Torkington                                            40pts

C. Booth & D. Wright                                                       40pts

J. Rennox & D. Calland                                                   40pts

K. Halton & A. Hewis                                                       40pts

T. Ashton & R. Fraser                                                      40pts

D. Heywood & P. Neville                                               40pts       

J. Buchanan & P.S. Jackson                                           39pts

B. Ratcliffe & K. Green                                                    39pts

D. Peak & J. Kilburn                                                         39pts

P. Byrne & J. Whitehead                                                39pts

D. Heywood & M. Ashby                                                39pts

E. Marsden & K. Ruttle                                                   39pts

T. Bickerdike & M. Hughes                                             39pts

D. Parrock & N. Rodda                                                    39pts

I. Bishop & S. Davies                                                        38pts

A. Sanderson & P. Robinson                                          38pts

P. Fell & D. Cooper                                                           38pts

R. Downing & A. Jackson                                               38pts

N. Gravener & J. Paton                                                   38pts Gross

R. Standring & G. Lucas                                                  38pts

K. Patterson & P. Molyneux                                          38pts

D. Earl & A. Ollerton                                                       38pts

P. Main & D. Pennington                                               38pts

T. Tresadern & C. Rice                                                    38pts

S. Sherborne & B. Sherborne                                       38pts

P. Bimelow & C. Billett                                                    38pts

P. Stevenson & K. McDonald                                        37pts

P. Norbury & T. Head                                                      37pts

I. Chester & S. Wilkinson                                               37pts

Ade Brown & D. Hest                                                      37pts

C. Vose & I. Robinson                                                      37pts

S. Greenall & B. Hampson                                             37pts

C. Powell & D. Foster                                                      37pts

T. Ellis & D. Aspinall                                                         37pts

P. Harvey & B. Wilkinson                                               37pts

O. Keenan & C. Mugan                                                   37pts

A. Wilde & T. Jones                                                         36pts

A. Foulds & J. Nutter                                                      36pts

J. Hampson & C. Edwards                                             36pts

J. Doyle & R. Warburton                                                36pts

M. Woodward & J. Deary                                              35pts

B. Salmon & M. Greenhalgh                                         35pts

P. Guy & E. McFerran                                                      35pts

S. Gordon & C. Edmundson                                           35pts

R. Jolley & S. Austin                                                         34pts

J. Bowers & D. Bowers                                                    34pts

P. Ashcroft & S. Ashcroft                                           34pts