Order of Merit Trip to Breadsall Priory   20, 21/10/19

Order of Merit Trip to Breadsall Priory 20, 21/10/19

22 Oct 2019

This weekend 64 of our Tour members made the journey down to Breadsall Priory near Derby. The resort is great, two good courses and a lovely hotel. We played the Moorland course on the Sunday, which was great, in good condition and dry, considering all the rain of late, sadly the 18th hole was too wet saying that, so we played the first hole twice for our competition. Everyone seemed to enjoy their first day, and particularly the night, we had a lovely meal with ample beers before and after.

Monday was a little disappointing as the Priory course, being clay based, was still really wet, so only 14 holes were open and Buggys were banned, for safety reasons, but to be honest, they would have made a real mess too if allowed out. Unfortunately that spoilt the day for the ones who needed a buggy to play, they decided to play the Moorland again, but obviously ruined their Competition. We did play though, we played the first 14 holes and then the first 4 holes again for our Competition.

We had some fantastic scoring on both days, particularly from the winning pair, who, if they come next year, will be severely dropped as their handicaps are clearly generous shall we say!!

Here are the overall 36 hole scores:

                                                              Moorland           Priory           Total

D. Parsons & S. Thomas                          46                    49                 95pts

G. Smith & J. Hilton                                  42                    44                 86pts

I. Chester & P. Harvey                               45                    40                 85pts

M. Wilson & J. Hall                                    45                    39                 84pts

B. Wilkinson & A. Thomson                     40                    42                 82pts

M. Price & D. Duerden                              42                     40                82pts

S. Lavers & N. Ainsworth                         43                     38                81pts

C. Gleave & J. Brame                                43                     38                81pts

S. Sherborne & R. Kenny                          44                     37                81pts

R. Hutchinson & I. Compton                     39                     41                80pts

J. Sinclair & K. Hughes                             40                     40                80pts

A. Brown & C. Theaker                              42                     38                80pts

L. Bithell & D. Harris                                  43                     37                80pts

J. Bowers & M. Jones                                36                     43                79pts

G. Sherburn & D. Moore                            43                     36                79pts

P. Harrison & J. McManus                         43                     35                78pts

D. Heywood & P. Neville                            38                     37                75pts

C. Wood & S. Thompson                           42                     33                75pts             

J. Curwen & D. Joyce                                43                     32                 75pts

J. Dobson & J. Brown                               38                     36                  74pts

S. Scott & B. Strickland                            40                     34                  74pts

J. Dennis & A. Wood                                 42                     31                  73pts

R. Johnson & S. Wilkinson                      36                      36                  72pts

K. Heap & D. Harrison                              38                      32                  70pts

D. Smith & P. Bolter                                  39                      31                  70pts

P. Brewer & C. Stanley                             35                       33                  68pts

B. McKee & P. Coughlin                           34                       31                  65pts


Sunday - Moorland Course

Nearest the Pin on 1st                           D. Smith          Hole in One !!!!

Nearest the Pin on 6th                           D. Harris

Nearest the Pin on 14th                         A. Brown 

Nearest the Pin on 17th                         C. Wood

Nearest the Pin in 2 on 4th                    S. Lavers

Longest Drive on 16th                            C. Gleave


Monday - Priory Course

Nearest the Pin on 2nd                           M. Wilson

Nearest the Pin on 6th                            S. Thomas

Nearest the Pin on 14th                          S. Thomas

Nearest the Pin on 16th                          C. Gleave

Nearest the Pin in 2 on 13th                   M. Wilson

Longest Drive on 4th                              D. Harrison