End of Season Trip to Carden Park  21 , 22 / 10/18

End of Season Trip to Carden Park 21 , 22 / 10/18

23 Oct 2018

This weekend  saw our first end of season trip to Carden Park. What a fantastic couple of days, the Cheshire and the Nicklaus courses were both great, as too was the weather, for the end of October we did great, with only one shower (typically while I was playing !!)

The hotel was superb too, the rooms were great, and the food at night was good too, the portions for growing lads could have been a bit bigger, but very tasty. You had to have deep pockets to get tipsy, as the prices were a little steep, but expected in those sort of resorts. The lads from Crompton and Royton must be well off, they were a little worse for wear Monday morning.

We ran three competitions, the two individual rounds and the main 36 hole competition, there was some really good golf played showing in the scores, here are the prize winners and spot prizes.


Cheshire Course - Sunday 21st October

1st Prize - £25.00 each                   John Hilton & Dog Hill                                46pts

2nd Prize - £15.00 each                  Paul Harvey & A. Wilkinson                        40pts

3rd Prize - £7.50 each                     Chris Gleave & John Brame                       40pts


Nearest the Pin on 1st - Bottle of Wine                   Chris Gleave 

Nearest the Pin on 8th - Bottle of Wine                   Pete Smith

Nearest the Pin on 15th - Bottle of Wine                 Ian Hall

Nearest the Pin on 17th - Bottle of Wine                 Paul Marsden

Nearest the Pin in 2 on 18th - Bottle of Wine          Dave Moore

Longest Drive on 14th - Bottle of Wine                    John Macdonald


Nicklaus Course - Monday 22nd October       

1st Prize - £25.00 each        Gary Smith & Doug Hill                                           44pts

2nd Prize - 15.00 each        Chris Gleave & J. Brame                                          43pts 

3rd Prize - £7.50 each         John Macdonald & Ian Hall                                      41pts


Nearest the Pin on 3rd - Bottle of Wine                  Arnie Wilkinson

Nearest the Pin on 8th - Bottle of Wine                  Mike Wilson

Nearest the Pin on 12th - Bottle of Wine                 Ian Chester

Nearest the Pin on 16th - Bottle of Wine                 Alan Thomson

Longest Drive on 11th - Bottle of Wine                   John Macdonald


36 Hole Overall Competition   

1st Prize - £40.00 each                      Chris Gleave & John Brame                            83pts

2nd Prize - £30.00 each                     Frank Brocklebank & Stewart Frost               80pts

3rd Prize - £20.00 each                      John Macdonald & Ian Hall                             78pts    (41 back 18)

4th Prize - £10.00 each                      Cliff Wood & Stewart Thompson                    78pts    (39 back 18)


Thanks to everyone who played on the Tour in the Summer of 2018, it was a great season with only one wet Monday.

Thanks too to everyone who came on the trip, it was a fantastic couple of days, and if you didn't come, I would strongly recommend it for next year.       

And a final thank you to all those who stayed behind for the presentation, I was a little disappointed that people didn't stay, knowing they had prizes to come, the traffic wasn't that bad going home .